Mystery Knocking

Female in Stairwell



Male Help Me

Male Hello

Being Followed


Get Out

Female Laugh

Music Box

This footage was given to me for opinion and I was blown away!  It was taken by a stationary camera used for surveillance by a hired private investigator while the client was away from home.  The camera has a battery life that should last over 5 days, but per the client, the camera stopped working at the same time the footage stopped… a couple days. Per the PI, the camera was totally drained of power.  Nobody was in the home and no other sensors were triggered around the house.  And per the client, the house was the same when the client returned as when the client left.  We are currently inquiring as to if we can do a full investigation on the property since there is a creepy history attached to it!  Sorry, this is all we can say due to privacy.